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"Are you ready for a next generation you?"

"If you are, welcome!
Are you the kind who is curious about what that even means?
Well, welcome to you too!

A next generation you, be it in next generation living, loving or leading, involves developing into abundance-generating dimensions you didn't know existed within yourself and around you. Tapping into your as yet unseen potentiality and opening your life, your business, your love relationships to exponential as well as tangible possibilities is our specialty. Indeed it is our passion.

What we do at hiberno Studios is unique. The work we do here, known simply as the hiberno Way™, is not about playing the game; it's about changing it.

Who you partner with makes all the difference between having a dream and living the dream. There's a reason you're here. You know that. I know that. Why wait for tomorrow when you can start tomorrow today."

Alice Gannon-McKinley

Alice Gannon-McKinley

Hello, I'm Alice, lead coach and curator at hiberno Studios,
a creative space where leadership, love and living come to life.

If you want game-changing transformation
in your business, life, or love, welcome!

Before I go any further...
This is NOT your usual training, education or coaching.
What we do together is high impact, deep, developmental, expansive work.

hiberno works with individuals, couples, and groups.
Our team works online as well as in person

I highly recommend taking advantage of
our free one-on-one consultation,
to receive personal coaching on your specific situation.
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It's free!

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The journey is in you
to live, love and lead
beyond your wildest

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"I Happen
as I Am"

Alice Gannon-McKinley

"hiberno Studios changed my life. I would not have taken crucial steps in my life without this. Thank you."

Our programs are not just talk.
hiberno Studios' programs transform lives.

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hiberno Studios works collaboratively with other field leaders producing and delivering custom programs and projects addressing key subject matter and goals.

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